Replacement Window Installations In Sioux Falls, SD

Once you’ve visited our showroom, visited with one of our replacement specialists, and selected the perfect windows and components for your home, the installation process begins, and you’ll understand why Windows by Schoeneman’s is the preferred one-stop shop for window replacements in Sioux Falls, SD.

Windows by Schoeneman’s wants to make your replacements as enjoyable and smooth as possible. Our experience proves that a great window is only as good as the people installing it, and our team uses the very best contractors for replacement window installations in Sioux Falls, SD who have earned our confidence and trust through years of excellent service and performance.

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How You Can Prepare for Installation

Prepare Access For The Workers

Your installers will walk in and out of your home and from room to room. They will be carrying large and heavy windows. For safety purposes, you want to make sure they have an unobstructed path. You don't need to clear everything out, just make sure they have approximately 3 feet of space in front of each window to allow them to perform their work. The access also applies to the exterior of your home. Things such as hoses, patio furniture, and lawn decorations will need to be moved. You will especially want to move any fragile plants so that they don't accidentally get stepped on.

Cover It Up

Replacing windows can be dirty work. Your installers will put down drop cloths and they will try their best to be neat. Computers or other electronic equipment should be moved temporarily. When the old windows are removed, gusts of wind can flow through your home. It is advisable to secure important papers and small fragile items.


We can appreciate how important your pets are to you; however, we need your help in supervising them. We are not always able to close a gate or door behind us, so please keep them in a safe place.

Alarm Systems

If you have an alarm system, the alarm company should be notified about the work that will be performed. The alarm company will be responsible for the disconnection and reconnecting of your alarm system.

Remove Window Treatments

Be sure to take down curtains, sheers, blinds and anything else. You might also consider removing wall hangings and pictures that are in close proximity. No need for anything to be accidentally knocked down during the installation.

Installation Windows by Schoeneman's

The Window Installation Process

Our installers will introduce themselves to you and explain what we’ll be doing that day. Then the installation process will begin:

  • We cover the floors to prevent any dirt, dust or scratches before carefully removing the the window.
  • Our team will then inspect the area to look for any damage that needs to be repaired before the replacement window is installed.
  • We then seal the area around the frame and replace the trim.
  • A final inspection is made to ensure everything is working correctly.
  • We thoroughly clean up all working areas. Our team can even dispose of your old windows.

After the Window Installation

After your replacement windows are installed and all areas have been cleaned up, our team will:

  • Ensure you understand how to operate the windows through a product demonstration.
  • Provide maintenance and care tips.
  • Prove we are the top choice for window replacements in Sioux Falls, SD

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